Meet Floyd Davis

Floyd is a dedicated individual who was raised in Houston, Texas and completed his education at Maryville University of Saint Louis. With a strong background as a Texas peace officer, he has achieved the rank of Captain with the Harris County Constable's Office Precinct Seven. 

Floyd's commitment to public safety is evident through his implementation of various traffic law enforcement initiatives aimed at reducing fatalities and vehicle crashes on the toll road in Southern Harris County, Texas.

Beyond his professional responsibilities, Floyd is deeply invested in the well-being of his community. He believes in giving back and has volunteered extensively in Fort Bend County Precinct Two, where he has coached youth in professional careers and provided assistance to less fortunate families through local ministries. Floyd also actively listens to businesses, seeking ways to enhance productivity within the community.

As a Captain under the leadership of Constable May Walker, Floyd consistently strives to propel the department forward, ensuring the safety of roadways, adjacent businesses, and neighborhoods. He recognizes the importance of addressing pressing societal issues and actively invests his time and talent in supporting social justice and equity causes, demonstrating his commitment to fostering a fair and just society.

Floyd's dedication extends to addressing critical community concerns such as mental health, human trafficking, and domestic violence. He understands the significance of these issues and works diligently to collaborate with relevant stakeholders, implement preventive measures, and provide support to those affected. With his comprehensive understanding of community policing, Floyd is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for all residents.

In summary, Floyd's extensive experience, dedication to public safety, community involvement, and commitment to addressing pressing societal issues make him an exceptional constable. His passion for serving and protecting the community, combined with his strong leadership skills, make him an invaluable asset in promoting a safer and more inclusive society.

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