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A word from Candidate Floyd Davis

Dear Resident of Fort Bend County Precinct 2,

I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the esteemed position of Constable in Fort 

Bend County Precinct 2.  With great humility and a deep sense of responsibility,

I step foward to serve our vibrant community and work towards a safer, more united, and prosperous future for all.

Fort Bend County Precinct 2 is not just a place we call home; it is a diverse tapestry of families, neighborhoods, and shared aspirations.  It is this rich diversity that forms the foundation of our strength and resilience.  It is our shared experiences and shared values that bind us together as a community.  

I believe in the power of effective law enforcement to positively impact lives and create lasting change.  With my experience, passion, and dedication, I am confident in my ability to serve as your Constable and make a meaningful difference in our precinct.

Throughout my career, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of collaboration, accountability, and community engagement.  As your Constable, I will prioritize building trust and fostering open lines of communication with all residents.  I will actively listen to your concerns, ideas, and suggestions, and work tirelessly to address the unique needs of our precinct.

My vision for Fort Bend County Precinct 2 is built on three core principles: accountability, community engagement, and proactive strategies.  I am committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity within our department.  Transparency will be the hallmark of our operations, as we strive to earn your trust through responsible and accountable law enforcement practices.

I firmly believe that public safety is a shared responsibility and that we must work hand in hand with residents, businesses, schools, and community organizations.  By actively engaging with you, our community partners, we can create tailored 

solutions that address the challenges we face together.  Together, we will build a stronger, more resilient community where everyone feels safe and supported.  I am also deeply committed to adopting proactive strategies that focus on prevention, early intervention, and addressing the root causes of crime.  By investing in education, prevention programs, and community initiative, we can empower our youth, combat drug abuse, and create opportunities for a brighter future.

But I cannot do this alone. I need your support, your partnership, and your vote.  Join me on this journey to shape the future of Fort Bend County Precinct 2.  Together, we will build a safer community, where our families can thrive, our businesses can flourish, and every resident can experience a true sense of security.  I humbly ask for your trust and support as I embark on this campaign.  Together, we will create a Fort Bend County Precinct 2 that we can all be proud of.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to earning your support.

Building a stronger community together